We started to gather our experience in HR management at time when many companies in Latvia had only record keeping. We were lucky to learn from innovative and very professional colleagues and cooperate with very various companies. After we accumulated practical experience in HR management and consulting, we decided to create our own consulting company. What Addo stands for? It is an active verb, which has several meanings in Latin – to give, bring, inspire, add and join. Adding word Solutions, begins the story about us.

Synergy – is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to bring together different approaches with different ideas and people. Synergy gives us an opportunity to discover new solutions. Synergy creates positive energy and adds value to everybody. Addo is a place where synergy is possible.

Mastery – to achieve mastery, education is not enough, practical experience is essential. Experience with mistakes and achievements. Only learning allows to become a Master. Other characteristics of a Master is willingness to grow and continuously develop. We have wide experience and we are continuing to polish our skills.

Passion –  makes us to develop mastery, step out of comfort zone and achieve new heights. But actually passion doesn’t force us, it revives our motivation and joy of working. We are inspired by people who follow their passion – Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan… Addo was created because of we are passionate about our work.

We are members of Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.